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The Thirteenth Disciple


Paula Launonen is a translator of spiritual books; after she translated “The Thirteenth Disciple” into Italian, she wrote these words about the book:-

“The Thirteenth Disciple is a highly spiritual book on love, a full immersion in the life and real teachings of Jesus while he walked on earth, described from the point of view of a young boy, Jesus’ adopted brother Thomas. Through his innocent eyes you get an insight into Jesus’ daily life, into his human struggling to overcome this world and to give his profound teachings to the people who were not ready to receive them as yet. It also gives unique insight into the confusion and fear among the disciples after Jesus’ crucifixion. Even if one can question the facts about Jesus’ life contained in this book, the thread of innocence and love shining through the words is bright and undeniable. This book is for people who love the real Jesus, to be read with an open mind and heart.” And she added in her email: “In my heart I know that this beautiful book is true.”


The Cosmology of Love


Book review by Carol Price on her website for her Writers’ Group “The Write Yard”

The concept of love at the heart of being is not new.

Empedocles stated ‘ At the beginning of time, Love completely dominated the universe’. Empedocles was born around 490 BC, and still today scientists, philosophers and religious thinkers grapple with the enormity of the Cosmos and our individual status on that tiny speck we call Earth.

Edmund Wigram has found a way to explore the complexity of being and consciousness through embracing love as the energy for life. He explains how love nourishes the heart, that sacred place of peace which can be found within us through meditation and teaching. His views are written with clarity and following each short chapter are hints on how to delve deeper by imagining the beauty of nature as a tool to allow love to begin flowing into your heart place.

Choice underlies each and every statement. We are all free to choose and this, to me, emphasises the inclusivity of his ideas. No matter what gender, no matter what religious beliefs, no matter what culture, everyone can find tenets of truth in these writings.

This book straddles the self-help and philosophy categories. In these days of increasing complexity of human life where loneliness and depression are pits that anyone can find themselves falling into, this book offers succour.

I have the great privilege of knowing this author, one of our local writers. He has spent the past thirty years as a healer, travelling the world and learning from eminent healers. This book he has described to me as his life’s work, though he was quick to comment that he has not yet finished, and we must wait for the next instalment.
at July 31, 2019


Your book is so wonderful….a divine gift….powerfully understandable…

And later Yes! I’ll recommend it, and yes! you may definitely use the quote…

The book is helping me, a lot!!!!!

Cynthia Rose Schlosser of Spiritus Sanctus in Atlanta Georgia


The hardcover copy of THE COSMOLOGY OF LOVE finally arrived yesterday at my local bookstore Moon Palace. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading the inspired words you’ve offered us, truly it is masterfully written, coming from a level of consciousness beyond any ego-personality. Thank you! Read more this morning, taking my good, sweet time, savoring every chapter, about half finished. Congratulations. 💓☀📕 Rick Carlson


“I have read your Cosmology of Love and a cosmology it is indeed and should definitely come into the public light of day and be published. It confirms my original view that you are a talented writer. Wow, it almost makes one’s breath away what you have managed to tackle in such a clear way, the breadth of the philosophic questions you raise and suggest answers to.” Dr Sarah Glenn


Review of The Cosmology of Love from “a clergy friend asking to remain anonymous

“I completed my initial read just today. I feel I want to communicate my thoughts on reading now – and further reading will clarify what I have yet to absorb more fully.

“ I must start by concurring very much with Dr Sarah Glenn’s comment on the back cover: I have admired and enjoyed you writing style and the clear thinking on a subject that delves into philosophy, psychology, physics, theology and cosmology! Your use of human analogies is very helpful – especially in conceiving how there is a ‘soul’ element in the formation of stars and planets: e.g. the sun (grandfather)and the earth (mother) – all emanating from God who is love! Then again, the use of chalice and inverted chalice to represent female and male – also God in the beginning and God in the future (eternity as it will be) is novel and intriguing. The (double triangle) six-pointed star to describe God’s dual relationship (female and male) with his creation infers a divine relationship with creation that is intrinsically infused. I know I need to re-read to get to the heart of what you are conveying; but already I am aware of the years you have applied yourself to delving deeper and deeper into this cosmology – fascinating! No wonder you have a teacher role to offer.

You are in an area very few people have strayed – at least, not recently in my knowledge. It’s both brave and enlightening that you are prepared to put in print all the ‘revelation’ that has come to you – but you’ve written it down so clearly and simply that the message – unique as it appears to be – comes over with conviction.

Thank you for the book!

Further comment in another email

You are welcome to include any or all of my review. I feel I would prefer it to be anonymous, but certainly I can be described as ‘clergy friend’, though my own view is that your journey is uncluttered by status or labels of any kind – which is refreshing. The appeal is that you travel it unattached to established authorities – you are free to discover for yourself what to you is true to life; and by writing it down you open doors for others to ponder, even travel in your wake!