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The Thirteenth Disciple

Most people know about the story of Jesus, but as the Messiah, as a divine being, as someone truly awesome. No one knows what it was like to be with him as a brother, to live with him without awe— more as an equal, though still much younger brother.


The Thirteenth Disciple reveals the story of Thomas’s four years of looking after Jesus, traveling with him as his close companion. When you have read this book, your heart will tell you, too, that this is an authentic account from the time of Jesus.


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The Cosmology of Love

Imagine love finding itself everywhere and growing, see it as a fundamental process of evolution, one that we cannot change or even influence, because it is implanted in the very essence of the universe. We can only choose; we can flow with it and grow, or we can slowly fade resisting it. When we start to see with love, then we start to know and to understand. We can then begin to let go of our limiting ideas and to live our part of the stream of life. The stream of life is the coming together of love. All this my soul has shown to me in visions and meditations, I know that, for me, it is true. Come through this book with me and find it for yourself.

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